Mir Ahsan


I have been training with Haider and RTB for over two years now. He is definitely the best in the business for the following reasons: 1. He builds a plan for your goals and he works with you to achieve them both in the short term and long term. 2. He’s not only an expert in strength training and fitness but he’s also amazing in injury rehab. I have gone through sciatica, shoulder injury, knee injury and Haider always helped me recover the best possible way. He taught me stretches and rehab exercises specific to the injuries. 3. He’s also very knowledgeable about mental aspect of sports, how to achieve peak performance under pressure etc. I always enjoyed our talks between sets. 4. There are so many little things that you need to do to stay injury free and get the best out of the workouts such as diet, sleep, managing over training, stretches and so many things. I have learned all of this from Haider and RTB. He pays attention to details. 4. Over all amazing person and team!!

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